Chronotron nominated for Best Puzzle Game!

2009-01-14 13:03:03 by Scarybug

Chronotron was nominated for a Best of Casual Gameplay 2008 award in the category of Browser-based Puzzle game! You can vote once a day, if you like.

I'm working very hide behind the scenes to bring you something awesome. Winning this award would certainly make that something awesome more likely to happen. *wink*.

Chronotron nominated for Best Puzzle Game!


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2009-01-14 13:07:11

Count with my vote!


2009-01-14 13:26:26

That game really was awesome. I hope my vote helps. ;D


2009-02-01 12:32:18

I don't know about the tank awards but you definantly earned the first ever Zach's awesome award for awesomness:


Scarybug responds: