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Chronotron is a PAX 10 Winner!

2008-07-11 13:55:54 by Scarybug

Top submissions to be displayed at Penny Arcade Expo Aug. 29 - 31

SEATTLE - July 9, 2008 - After sifting through over 80 submissions from a wealth of genres and gameplay hybrids from 'exploratory puzzle' to tactical to rhythm/action, The PAX 10 panel of industry experts selected the ten best submissions in terms of gameplay and "fun factor" for inclusion in The PAX 10. Penny Arcade was pleased to announce today The PAX 10 winners to be displayed at the upcoming Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center in Seattle Aug. 29-31, 2008.

The PAX 10 are (in alphabetical order):

- The Amazing Brain Train by Grubby Games (puzzle/strategy)
- Audio Surf by Dylan Fitterer (rhythm/action)
- Chronotron by Scarybug Games (puzzle/platformer)
- Impulse by a team of Rochester Institute of Technology students (puzzle)
- The Maw by Twisted Pixel Games (action/adventure)
- Polarity by a team of Carnegie Mellon University students (platformer/puzzle)
- Project Aftermath by Games Faction (tactical/action)
- Schizoid by Torpex Games (action/strategy)
- Strange Attractors 2 by Ominous Development (puzzle/strategy)
- Sushi Bar Samurai by Molly Rocket (exploratory puzzle)

Announced earlier this year in cooperation with the DigiPen Institute of Technology, The PAX 10 is a games showcase open to independent developers worldwide. The winners will be shown in the PAX Exhibit Hall alongside over 70 other exhibitors - including top publishers like Activision, EA and Ubisoft - allowing those publishers, attendees and media to view their home-grown potential. Attendees will have the opportunity to vote on the exhibited games, honoring one of The PAX 10 with the "Audience Choice Award," to be announced on www.penny-arcade.com following this year's expo.

"The variety and caliber of the titles blew us away," says Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade. "Narrowing down the group was a challenging process for the judges, but we're incredibly proud to have these ten games as our kickoff showcase and can't wait to see them on the show floor."

Chronotron is a PAX 10 Winner!


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2008-07-11 13:57:41

Congrats on making it in the PAX 10!


2008-07-11 13:58:38

Congratulations, you guys deserve it!


2008-07-11 14:14:17

Cool, Audiosurf also won!

Everyone is happy!


2008-07-11 14:29:33

Congrats, you did make a very creative game so I don't see why you don't deserve it ;)


2008-07-11 18:17:49

great work!


2008-07-11 20:26:54

hehehe great, you deserve it, I love that game in fact I have it on my favorites cause its so much fun :D


2008-07-11 21:24:20

Congratulations, if PA links any form of your game it'll get swamped :D


2008-07-13 09:16:53

Congrats, that game was amazing, grate work!